"I feel ten feet tall and I'm normally 5'7 so I'm feeling great!"
New Dad & Business Owner • Sydney


REMEDIAL HYPNOSIS FOR Wellbeing, Performance & Personal Growth on Sydney's Northern Beaches or from the comfort of your own home.

A few years ago — while working on a customer experience design project for the Institute of Applied Psychology — I discovered a different kind of 'CX' where I could apply my experience and skills to create positive impact for individuals by helping them to manage and reprogram their Cognitive Experiences.

At Headland Health I use a combination of psychotherapy techniques to help people (in particular men) to identify and reprogram negative patterns of thinking in order to realise mental wellbeing, performance and personal growth goals.

I have also written and illustrated "Choose Change" a simple book that helps people to overcome negativity and make 'better' decisions by changing what they choose and choosing what they change.

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