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Award-winning app, website and social media campaign to support NSW Government's 8700kJ initiative about the impact of fast food consumption energy.

8700 app - Australian Mobile Awards Winner

*** Winner at 2012 Australian Mobile Awards ***

*** #1 in the App Store for Health & Fitness ***

*** Over 280,000 downloads ***

In 20212, 61% of Australian adults were overweight or obese, and the trend was rising

The main driver is over-consumption of energy-dense foods and drinks, such as those found in fast food restaurants, taking most people above the recommended daily energy intake of 8700kJ. When kilojoule (kJ) labelling legislation for fast food restaurants was introduced when at Apparent I worked closely with mainstream advertising agency Ogilvy to create an app and website (8700.com.au) to educate the public about what kJs were and how people could healthily manage consumption and expenditure of energy.

8700.com.au became (and continues to be) the primary driver for fast food kJ education and the 8700 app was

Recognising the important role that social channels have to play in the successful communication of the 8700 message, we continued to stimulate debate and drive education through a social strategy delivered against a publishing schedule through channels such as YouTube, Twitter and Facebook around key themes such as Bite Size Facts, Fast Facts on Fast Foods, Festive Facts, Go Figure and Switch & Save.

Video content for social: "Getting over the night before"

Video content for social: "How many kJ in your fast food dinner?"

Video content for social: "How many kJ in a fast food lunch?"

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8700 Social examples

8700 social examples