Taking PetO to the airwaves

Examples of radio ads written and recorded for PetO

Queen’s Birthday Sale 2021

30s Radio Script

Woo hoo dogs and cats of Sydney, at PetO we just turned fifteen,

That’s over one hundred in dog years... imagine if we got a telegram from the Queen:

“Dear PetO, happy birthday, congratulations, well done!

I love how you make pet ownership so easy and fun.”

Thank you your highness, we do try our best.

That’s why we stand out from all of the rest.

If you and your corgis are ever in town

We’d love to see you, so come on down.

To find the nearest PetO store to your royal you

Jump on the interweb and visit peto dot com dot au

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General Food 2021

30s Radio Script

Hello dogs and cats of Sydney!

If you love your food, and we know you do,

At PetO we’ve got some great deals for you.

You’ll find all your favourite brands in store,

Like Royal Canin, Black Hawk, Supercoat, Hills and more.

Food for skinny cats, fat cats, short dogs and tall,

Dry food, wet food, big bags and small.

And all the prices are super low;

You’d have to be barking mad not to give us a go!

So drag your owner to PetO with you;

Or use the computer machine to visit peto dot com dot au

Squeak, Squeak

Nah, try the other mouse.

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New Lane Cove Store 2021

30s Radio Script

Hello dogs and cats on the Lower North Shore

Lucky for you, we just launched our thirteenth store!

PetO Lane Cove has opened its doors

And we can’t wait to hear your paws on our floors.

At 32 Burns Bay Road you’ll find prices so low;

You’d be barking mad not to give us a go!

We’ve got toys, treats, and other stuff you need;

And all your favourite dog and cat feed.

Not in Lane Cove? There’s no need to frown,

There’s a dozen more PetO stores around Sydney town.

And a massive store on the interweb too,

Just sniff us out at peto dot com dot au

Listen to Lane Cove New Store radio ad (2021)