Weight Watchers

Streamlining the celebration and recognition of weight loss.

Revamping the Weight Watchers Health Life Awards digital platform.

Behind-the-scenes issues with the Healthy Life Awards (HLA) website meant it was costing too much to run and members were having trouble entering. When at Apparent, we were asked to ‘fix’ the experience and increase participation.

Rather than ‘band-aid’ the site, we rebuilt from the ground up improving ease-of-use and maintenance, a process that required detailed scoping and 8 rounds of wireframe testing to ensure the optimum user experience.

The result was a site that worked across all devices and allowed members to easily share and promote their profiles across social networks, giving them the opportunity to get more votes and to encourage others to consider the Weight Watchers program.

The new entry solution allowed entrants to save and return to their entry, a lack of functionality that had frustrated entrants in the past.

With no uplift in supporting media and advertising the weekly entry rate grew 90% year-on-year. The quality of the entries was higher than those in previous years and the first ever male Slimmer of the Year was crowned in Australia.